What’s New With Avon – Brochure Campaign 5

What’s new in this week’s Brochure.



What’s New? In this current Brochure 5, Avon is featuring 4 representative who have boosted their beauty routine and powered up looking their best with a Avon skin care routine. With all of the Anew Moisturizers and treatments on sale.


Avon is featuring their Anew Power Serum which is a concentrated treatment that can give your skin a boost of hydration and when used with any of the other Anew Treatments it will help power-up and boost its benefits as well.




Get a free Power Serum ($40 value) with any 2 purchases from a block of pages in the current Avon Campaign 5.






Other great deals in Campaign 5:

The Entire Anew Line of Products on Sale

Avon Senses Bubble Bath on Sale

Skin So Soft Bath & Body Products on Sale

Moisture Therapy- On Sale

Far Away Parfum – 2 For $25

Men Cologne sets with After Shave and Body Wash – All On Sale





To shop the Current Campaign 5 click on the Brochure below: