What’s New With Avon – Brochure Campaign 25

What’s new in this week’s Brochure.


What’s New? In this current Brochure 25 Avon is getting us all ready for this gift giving time of year. Avon is helping you to make the season sparkle. You can get ready to check everyone off of your list including the men in your lives because Avon has it all covered.



From cozy hat and scarfs, to comfy pajamas, tank top packs, fuzzy slippers, robes, candles, totes, jewelry and as always lots of smell goods and skin softening items. There is no way to miss anyone because Avon has something for everyone, from the oldest to the youngest. Set your holidays a glow and start your shopping now with Avon.

Also beside the regular Brochure Campaign 25 check out The Ultimate Gift Guide, one of Avon’s best separate brochure with nothing but the best of the best in gift giving this 2017 Christmas season. Just click on the brochure below.





Other great deals in Campaign 25:

The Entire Anew Line of Products on Sale

Rare Diamonds Parfum – 2 for $25

Skin So Soft Bath & Body Products on Sale

Flavor Savers Lip Balm – $2

Far Away Parfum – $12.99 

Men Cologne sets with After Shave and Body Wash – for $16



To shop the Current Campaign 25 click on the Brochure below: